10 best Countries to Travel in Africa


Benin boasts of some of the best wild life resorts and game parks Africa has to offer.  Although there is restricted flight movement within the capital, one can easily navigate through road and railway to the game parks. In comparison to its western neighbors it’s the most affordable travel destination and offers a wide array of tourist destinations such as the Parc National and the ouidoh abomey


Morocco’s moderately high measure of vacationers has been supported by its area, vacation spots, and generally low cost. Voyage boats visit the ports of Casablanca and Tangier. Morocco is closer to Europe and pulls in guests to its shorelines. As a result of its closeness to Spain, sightseers in southern Spain’s seaside regions take one-to three-day excursions to Morocco. Air administrations in the middle of Morocco and Algeria have been set up; numerous Algerians have gone to Morocco to shop and visit family and companions. Morocco is generally cheap in light of the downgrading of the dirham and the increment of inn costs in Spain.


Namibia boasts of having the ‘big five’ namely the Lion, cheetah, elephant, rhino and giraffe. It has the largest game reserve in Eastern and Western African called etosha national park.  Accommodation is easy to find while at the Game Park and one can find affordable guesthouses in neighboring villages. One can also choose to camp outside with mobile kitchens and toilets.


It is considered to be one the most improved destination sites in the past 10 years, today travelers can visit gorilla safaris in Nyungwe grasslands. There is also a vibrant city life in Kigali and powerful reminders of history at Rwanda memorials.  Accommodation is quite affordable and the capital city boasts of having some of the best hospitality in eastern Africa.


Despite the brief political turmoil experience last year, Malawi is still considered to be one of the safest travel destinations in Africa. The people are really friendly and kind. The country has some of the best climate in Africa and stunning scenery.


It has 17 breathtaking waterfalls in Africa, it’s also offers some of the most unique encounters of endangered wildlife. There are numerous safari destinations within Zambia and accommodation is affordable.


Uganda is considered to be one of the most fertile countries in Africa, there is an abundance of food and the people are always kind and receptive. Favorite destination cities are Kampala, Butere and Tororo which offer a very fulfilling night life.   It offers an array of splendid forest excavations and treks.


Another country that boast of having the big five, its major tourist attractions are Tsavo national park, Maasai Mara and Amboselli. In Nairobi one has the option of visiting various destinations such the Nairobi national park, giraffe centre and the bomas of Kenya institute.

South Africa

It’s considered to be among the most beautiful places on earth, South Africa boasts of having elegant beach resorts, 5 star hotels and a multicultural society that most travelers enjoy interacting with. It has the best hotels in the world rivaling even France and Italy.


Mauritius boasts of having the best beaches in the world, 70% of the country’s economy depends on the tourism sector, it offers a wide array of cultural art as well as historical sites.