Bureau of Labor Statistics releases info on employee benefits in the U.S.

(Washington, DC – Insurance News and Markets) – In March 2016, the participation rate for employer-sponsored medical care benefits for civilian workers was 52 percent, which is higher than in private industry workers (49 percent) and more than 20 percent below state and local government workers (73 percent).

When it comes to employer-sponsored retirement benefits, 54 percent of civilian workers participated; 49 pecent of private industry employees and 81 percent of state and local government workers participated in these programs.

Fifty-seven percent of civilian workers participated in employer-sponsored life insurance benefits. Fifty four percent of private industry workers participated in these programs, while 78 percent of state and local government workers participated.

Information comes from the National Compensation Survey that looks at comprehensive measures of compensation cost levels and trends, as well as benefit incidence data for the percentage of workers with access to and participating in employer-provided benefit plans. The survey covers a broad range of benefits including holidays and vacations, sick leave, life insurance, and detailed provisions for health care and retirement plans.

Source: U.S.  Bureau of Labor Statistics.