Check Which ‘Frozen Assets’ Are Covered by Your Policy

(Washington, DC – Insurance News and Markets) –  It’s that time of year again; when the winter wind blows and the snow piles up in drifts against doorways and sidewalks. Whether traveling in snow or simply hitting the slopes in search of a little winter fun, you’ll want to know you are covered for common winter activities.

One of the activities you may want to consider is skiing. Before you hit the slopes you may want to make sure your homeowner’s or renter’s policy—as well as your health insurance—covers you and your property in case of accident or loss.

Snowmobiles—not as a rule covered by homeowner’s insurance—may be covered by separate policies designed specifically for sleds. You may want to discuss the matter with your insurance agent before motoring into the woods. You should also consider making all your health insurance information readily available just in case of accident.

If you’re thinking of heading somewhere warmer for the winter months, make sure you consider traveler’s insurance. With things somewhat “iffy” at airports around the world and frequent delays and cancellations more the norm than the exception, travel insurance can help cover the costs associated with unexpected hotel stays, lost luggage and a host of other travel related problems.

Other things to think of when it comes to inclement weather insurance include snow plowing and snow removal at home, possible winter illness, and other common winter related activities.

When it comes to dealing with Old Man Winter, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Source: District of Columbia, Insurance, Securities and Banking.