Gas Utility Customer Satisfaction Improves for Sixth Straight Year, J.D. Power Finds

(Costa Mesa, CA – Insurance News and Markets) – Efforts to improve safety through multimedia direct customer outreach and residential safety inspections are immp0froving residential gas utility customer satisfaction, according to the J.D. Power 2017 Gas Utility Residential Customer Satisfaction Study.

“The residential gas utility industry has committed significant resources to customer engagement, dramatically increasing the number of communication channels they use and consistently positioning themselves as advocates of safety who are here to help customers,” said Carl Lepper, Utility Industry Analyst at J.D. Power. “That work is paying off in the form of consistently improving customer satisfaction scores that are being driven by perceptions of increased safety and reliability.”

Individuals participating in the 2017 study say their satisfaction levels are higher, indicated by a nearly 30 point increase over the previous year’s study. The perception of safety imp0froves customer satisfaction and helpfulness in preparing for safety issues brought ratings up.

Allowing customers to receive digital alerts on usage, severe weather and even emergencies are becoming more common, and this is being adopted by more customers. Also, when customers know that a service interruption is coming, they are happier.

Study Rankings

The study, now in its 16th year, ranks large and midsize utility companies in four geographic regions: East, Midwest, South and West. Companies in the midsize utility segment serve between 125,000 and 399,000 residential customers, and companies in the large utility segment serve 400,000 or more residential customers.

The following utilities rank highest in customer satisfaction in their respective regions:

East Large: New Jersey Natural Gas

East Midsize: Elizabethtown Gas

Midwest Large: MidAmerican Energy

Midwest Midsize: Alliant Energy

South Large: Atmos Energy/CenterPoint Energy

South Midsize: TECO Peoples Gas

West Large: NW Natural

West Midsize: Intermountain Gas Company

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Source: J.D. Power.