ISO Launches Cyber Insurance Program with Enhanced Rating and Coverage Options

(Jersey City, NJ – Insurance News and Markets) – In July, ISO, a Verisk Analytics business, launched a cyber insurance program with enhanced rating variables and coverage options designed to help insurers respond to the rapidly changing world of cyber risk.

The program features advisory loss costs using 17 different rating variables that can help insurers underwrite diverse cyber risks across industries with greater precision.  This is more than three times the number of variables that are typically used today. The rating plan was developed using predictive analytics applied to more than 32,000 historical cases. Insurers can use this program to refine pricing by incorporating risk factors that are often overlooked, including years in business and revenue per employee, and by providing cyber-specific rating factors for best practices, such as data encryption and employee training.

The ISO cyber program features new coverage solutions for small- and midsize businesses—often the most vulnerable to cyber attacks. It includes coverage for large commercial enterprises, government and nonprofit organizations, and financial services and media companies. The ISO solutions are flexible, enabling insurers to tailor coverages, limits, waiting periods, and deductibles to the needs of their clients.

“Many insurers are unequipped to deal with the increasing frequency, complexity, and severity of cyber claims. They don’t have the rating information and policy language needed to serve the diverse cyber insurance market,” said Maroun Mourad, president of ISO Commercial Lines. “Our cyber insurance program features advisory loss costs and a comprehensive set of rating variables to enable unprecedented levels of detail in primary and excess pricing. Our flexible coverage solutions are aimed to help insurers protect businesses from the rapidly changing world of cyber risk in a timely, insightful, and operationally efficient manner.”

To learn more about the new cyber program, visit the ISO Cyber Risk Solutions website at or e-mail

Source: Verisk Analytics.