JD Power survey shows customer satisfaction dropping with pharmacies

(Costa Mesa, CA – Insurance News and Markets) – Customers of U.S. pharmacies are unhappy with both with both brick-and-mortar and mail order pharmacies, and the main factor in that is prices. This is the biggest finding in the J.D. Power 2017 U.S. Pharmacy Study.

“Pharmacies have historically earned very high marks for customer satisfaction, so any significant year-over-year decline is cause for closer investigation,” said Rick Johnson, Director of the Healthcare Practice at J.D. Power. “Consumer concerns about rising drug prices have likely affected perceptions of the cost for their retail prescriptions. The decrease in satisfaction with cost is the primary drag on overall customer satisfaction, creating a serious challenge for retailers.”

The brick-and-mortar pharmacies saw a 27 point drop to 789, and in-store exp0efrience dropped 14 points to 851. Mail order pharmacies saw a 49 point drop to 787 points on a 1,000 point scale; and the prescription ordering process for mail order dropped 15 points too. Supermarkets had the highest level of customer satisfaction among types of pharmacies.

There’s a new segment in the study- the specialty segment.  Specialty drugs often require special handling, might be infused, and can cost significantly more than non-specialty prescriptions.

Te study ranked different pharmacies as well:

Good Neighbor Pharmacy ranked highest among brick-and-mortar chain drug stores followed by Health Mart and The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy. For brick-and-mortar mass merchandisers Sam’s Club ranks first, followed by Fred’s, and Costco.

Kaiser Permanente Pharmacy is the best mail order pharmacy, followed by Humana Pharmacy and Walmart Pharmacy Mail Services.

Source: J.D. Power.