Missouri releases 2018 health insurance rates

(Jefferson City, MO – Insurance News and Markets) – Missouri residents can now get a glimpse at the 2018 health insurance rates in the state. State Insurance Director Chlora Lindley-Myers announced the frel9ease of these rates, the first under the health insurance  rate review p0assed in 2016, on Sept. 1

  “While our review process is still on-going, Missourians can review and comment on the proposed rates,” said Director Lindley-Myers.  “This has been an extremely challenging year for the health insurance market in our state and across the country.  We remain committed to building a strong and competitive insurance market and are looking forward to finalizing our first year of rate reviews.”

In every count, there is at least one insurance comp0anhy that offers health insurance plans both on and off of the exchange.

Missourians can access the proposed rates and find more information about the rate review process on the department’s website at:   https://insurance.mo.gov/industry/filings/healthrates/.

This rate information only includes plans that are Affordable Care Act compliant starting on Jan. 1, 2018. For all other health products, those rates will also be made publicly available on the department’s website, as they are filed and reviewed by department staff in accordance with Missouri law.

Final rates are expected no later than Nov. 1

Source: Missouri Department of Insurance.