Nevada Residents can find the 2017 Health Insurance Rates Online

(Carson City, NV – Insurance News and Markets) – Nevada residents who purchase their own health insurance can find approved prices  for 2017health plans at

The Nevada Division of Insurance has posted approved 2017 rates for all plans in the Individual and Small group markets online, giving Nevada’s consumers an opportunity to explore health insurance options. Open enrollment began on Nov. 1.

“We encourage Nevada consumers to take the time to compare all of the plans applicable to them in order to get the best plan for themselves and their families,” said Insurance Commissioner Barbara Richardson. “Even consumers who already have health insurance coverage should compare plans because there are always new products being offered on and off the Exchange.”

In plan year 2017 there are 16 insurance companies offering plans on and off the Exchange. Consumers will have 124 separate plan options to choose from in the individual market and employers can select from nearly 400 small group plans.

To view the rates and plan information, visit, click on Health Insurance Rates in the main navigation menu. From the “Health Insurance Rate Review” page, click on “Search for Health Insurance Rates.”

Source: Nevada Division of Insurance.