New information available for families of children in palliative care

(Bethesda, MD – Insurance News and Markets) – For families whose children are facing palliative care, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and National Institutes of Nursing Research (NINR) offer new materials that can make it easier to find support and information on palliative care and its issues. The fact sheet, resource card and series of family stories are available in English and in Spanish. There are also resources for healthcare providers.

The Pediatric Palliative Care At-a-Glance Fact Sheet provides a brief overview of pediatric palliative care and answers some common questions that families may have. The Finding Family Support Resource Card includes information on the types of support available to families, like sibling support, respite care, and school resources. In A Family’s Perspective, four families shared their experiences with pediatric palliative care and how the services they received impacted their children and their lives.

Family members of children facing serious illnesses were consulted as the NINR worked   to develop these materials.

“Palliative care is often associated with end of life, making it difficult for patients and their families — and even for healthcare providers — to start conversations around the subject. However, palliative care can be incredibly helpful for patients and their families at any stage during an illness. We hope these materials will improve patient and family understanding of pediatric palliative care and facilitate discussion with healthcare teams,” said NINR Director Dr. Patricia A. Grady.

The campaign, called Palliative Care: Conversations Matter, seeks to improve communications about and raise awareness of pediatric palliative care.

Visit the web site for the Palliative Care: Conversations Matter campaign, and on NINR’s new Spanish-language campaign landing page at

Source: National Institutes of Health.