State Insurance Commissioner supports protecting California’s historic state parks

(Sacramento, CA – Insurance News and Markets)In mid-June, Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones issued a statement supporting Assembly Bill 2249, known as the California Heritage Protection Act. Jones’ statement read:

“The experience of visiting our national parks with their trails, lodging, eateries and natural beauty creates unparalleled memories. These iconic landmarks must be protected for future generations. AB 2249 will prohibit concessionaires from claiming ownership over names associated with California State Parks. The National Park Service has renamed several landmarks at Yosemite National Park, after the current concessionaire claimed the names as their intellectual property, including the historic Wawona Hotel, which was originally constructed before Yosemite National Park was created. AB 2249 will protect landmarks in their natural surroundings and ensure that nothing of the same occurs in a California state park.”

Source: California Department of Insurance.