Tips to Travel on a Low Budget and Enjoy your vacation

We all have dreams of travelling to various destinations around the world and enjoy the interesting environs that we have watched on Discovery, Travel, Animal shows etc. If you are well of in terms of finance then take a break and stop reading further. Many of us have not been able to accomplish our dreams of travelling because we’re short of cash. But even if you have a tight bank balance there are means you can use and enjoy your vacation only if you step down your dreams and follow these tips.

Visit a Cheap Destination

If you budget is low, travel to countries with low cost of living. Choose a lesser-known destination unless you want to brag to your friends about your travel. In a lesser known destination you will find the cost of transport, accommodation; food and beverages are economic as opposed to well known destinations.

Befriend the locals

Try to be friend with locals as they will give you tips for cheap travels and stuffs everywhere. Talk to them and ask them about the country and get cheap travel tips about hotels and cheap room rates. You can also ask the taxi driver to guide you to the cheapest hotels in or nearby the town you have visited. A tip of a dollar will do but remember cheap is not everything. Make sure the area in which the hotel is located is safe.

Book a hotel that is one step down

Another great tip to travel on your fixed budget is not to pay for things that you’ll not use. This will help you save more. Why pay for a 5-star hotel whose charges are twice that of a 4-star hotel? Most travelers use hotels for sleeping at night only. There is no point of paying for facilities like swimming pool and yet you don’t intend to use them.

Take advantage of Airline and Combo offers

Many airlines at times do offer free stay at some airports with their tickets. If your trip is short may be one week, you can utilize this chance and use the offering airline. Just ensure the town which you visit isn’t far from the airport. If not, you’ll end up paying your saved amount on the hotel bill to the taxi driver.

Use local travel Agents

For budget travels it is advisable that you deal directly with travel agents of the country you intend to visit. Plan your trip with a local agent in the country of your destination. Check online and you’ll find many websites offering discounts on packages. Local ages offer cheap packages and have better contacts.

Travelling is not only meant for the rich and famous. When travel is planned on a budget, everyone can travel. Staying in places mentioned above and visiting lesser-known places will not only save you cash but you will have a full travel experience. In the end, you’ll love the time you have spent and the amount you have used on your vacation.